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We help brands develop strong, immersive marketing strategies that help them get their voices heard, across all forms of media.


Our goal is to help companies design, and create enduring brands that are simple, fun and demand enough attention to stand the test of time

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Our Software design and development capabilities span a number of fields including, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Blockchain technology to name a few. With these capabilities we serve a number of customers across a number of industries to ensure we're never short of opportunities to explore.

Computer Programming
Container Yard


Exploring opportunities is in our DNA, trading is what drives this pursuit. Whether it is sourcing materials or finished, consumer or industrial goods, trade allows us to see trends of where the world is going. We source, import, export, extract and process ingredients, materials and finished goods.

Venture Studio

What makes us uniques is that we are more than just Marketers or software developers. Our passion for exploring business concepts and creating products that allow us to participate in a given industry, give us a unique understanding to the challenges startups and businesses face in trying to get infront of their target audience.

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We're exploring the world of blockchain and meat verse technology through our news curation business

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We're Helping buyers and sellers connect.